August 2019

Your Vote is your Voice

Please do this sooner, rather than later. If you are registered but have moved, being registered properly means you are able to vote for your City Councilor in the November elections (if you now live in an even-numbered District) and your current NM House District and Senate candidates in future elections.  If there are members of your household who are eligible to vote but haven’t registered, please encourage them to do so. Or, if you’d prefer, can contact us and we’ll have a Voter Registration Agent call you.

“New Mexico is in play.”

The GOP has set its sights on NM as a swing state for the 2020 elections. We’re already seeing the beginning of this campaign with Donald Trump Jr.’s visit to the private border wall in Sunland Park on July 29. We can expect more and more visits like this in the coming months, aimed at changing how we vote in NM. We all want to keep NM BLUE and the bluer the better. To do this, every vote counts.