May 2019

Board of Directors Election – MRGCD

Early Voting: Monday, May 20 – Saturday, June 1st

Election Day: Tuesday, June 4th

Barbara Baca
Glen Duggins

John P. Kelly

Les Gibson
Stephanie Russo Baca
Michael W. Lundmark

What is the MRGCD?

The MRGCD manages the irrigation canals and ditches and controls floods in the Albuquerque Basin. It is responsible for the stretch of the Rio Grande River from Cochiti Dam in the north and Elephant Butte Reservoir in the south, and owns the land that comprises the Bosqueand is a key player in the management of the Bosque. The Conservancy is a major recipient of water from the San Juan – Chama River Project that takes water from the San Juan River to supplement water resources in the Rio Grande watershed. The Rio Grande peaks between March and June due to spring run off, but irrigation demands are highest from July to October. There are 2 diversion dams south of Albuquerque with irrigation channels, and the Conservancy can divert all of the water from the river during low flow conditions, drying the river and impacting fish and wildlife. Currently, the MRGCD role is shifting from supporting agriculture to preserving riverside ecology and recharging the Albuquerque aquifer. (Source: Wikipedia, which is not always 100% accurate, provided this description).

Why voting on the MRGCD Board is important:  

The MRGCD is governed by an elected Board of Directors.  Because voter turnout for this election has been historically very low, the Board has not been very supportive of environmental concerns. That has changed some – but we need to vote for Board members who support the Bosque and the environment.

Who can vote:

Anyone who owns property within the MRGCD boundaries can vote. You need not occupy the property (i.e., you can be a landlord who rents), and the land can be vacant. The MRGCD boundaries in Bernalillo County are roughly Edith on the East side, Coors on the West side, Sandia Pueblo to the North and Isleta Pueblo to the South. This includes most of the North Valley, Downtown and Old Town, and the South Valley. 

More specifically, residents of Bernalillo, Sandoval, Valencia and Socorro Counties who live in the MRGCD corridor are levied a tax, which appears as a Line item on their Property Tax bill. Residents who are subject to this tax may vote in the upcoming Election of their Board of Directors. 

If you aren’t eligible to vote, you can still make a difference:
Send this document as an email attachment to friends who live along the MRGCD corridor and urge them to vote.

If you are eligible to vote, TAKE THE PLEDGE:
I will get 6 people I know who are eligible to vote
to do so before June 4.

For complete information regarding absentee voting, early voting and election day polling locations, hours, etc., please click here:

We encourage you to attend our Tuesday, May 21st NWNM meeting to hear candidates John Kelly and Barbara Baca