October 2018


CAN YOU take 15 minutes to write the BLM to protest the sale of drilling leases on Greater Chaco public lands?
This is coming down the pike super fast: a very short comment period that requires comments to be in by October 31. And, it requires the comments to be sent by mail.
This article was posted in Slack earlier this week:
Yes, we are all involved in campaigns (and the timing of the short comment period can be seen as intended to shut out comments from busy activists) but this should take only a little time.
Download and print the the comment format (CLICK HERE) that conforms to what the BLM requires. (Because this is a google doc, download it 
Fill in your individual information, and additional comments, and mail.
Mail it to the Santa Fe address at the top. (You can also hand-deliver it at the Santa Fe address if you are in Santa Fe.)
Pass the word and the materials on. And, if you do write, can you let me know? 

The Sierra Club, Wild Earth Guardians, and other environmental groups working on this would like to keep track as best they can of comments going in.

Terry Storch