Current Initiatives


Click on link for website There is nothing more important than retaining control of the US House and Senate. Don’t believe everything you read – we can do this. And we have a really good chance of doing it in Southern New Mexico. Yvette Herrell has to go. And this is the organization that can make it happen. Check out their website and if you’d like to pitch in with postcards, texting, canvassing and registering voters, get involved. Kay Monaco […]

The Sarah Moody Voter Registration Project

SEE11/30/2020 Update: scroll down SARAH MC CORKLE MOODY 16 NOV 1942  –  14 NOV 2019   NastyWomenNewMexico honours an adored member and beloved precinct chair with the launch of our inaugural 2020 NWNM Initiative: The Sarah Moody Voter Registration Project Sarah was passionate about exercising our right to vote (and unsurprisingly outspoken about it).  It went far beyond being a privilege to Sarah – it was your responsibility and you damn well better have exercised it. Every-chance-you-had. We couldn’t agree […]

Addressing COVID-19 in Our Community – 2 New Initiatives

We are all concerned –  for ourselves, our families, our friends and our NastyWomenNM members. In addition to the efforts of both the CDC and NM Department of Health to keep us informed and up to date on Coronavirus-2019 (COVID-19), NastyWomenNM has added two SLACK channels to address caring for our members while complying with recommended “social distancing.” If you are a SLACK participant (@, please go to these channels: i-calling_sisters i-volunteer-help-covid If you don’t use SLACK, please read […]


  Want our vote? #PledgeIt The #MeToo movement has laid bare a long-concealed truth:  women have been and continue to be marginalized, sexually harassed, and worse, in the workplace. Women of color experience higher rates of harassment and discrimination. Gender equality is the key solution to pervasive gender based discrimination, intimidation and violencein employment. Sexual assault is gender inequality. We challenge every candidate who wants our vote to #PledgeIt: “Pledge that if elected, you will aim to hire a gender balanced staff, […]