Building Our NM House

What people want is very simple – they want an America as good as its promise

– Barbara Jordan

In the end, 6 of these 7 house seats were wins.  Kudos to Meta Hirschl and her merry band of volunteers  – what an amazing effort!!  And congratulations to all of the candidates.

While Jessica lost by 143 votes, given the District 22 demographics, this was still a tremendous showing. Governor-Elect MLG named Jessica to her Transition Team for the Public Education Department.

Statewide, Dems picked up 7 house seats, reducing Republican-held seats to 24 in the 70-member chamber. Women, mostly Dems, now account for 31 of those seats. Woo hoo!!


NWNM works on all levels for change. This initiative’s focus is seven house district races right here in Bernalillo county –   supporting wonderful, new, progressive candidates who could flip districts from Republican to Democratic in the State House this November.

A strong Democratic majority in the Legislature is crucial for state-level policy debates, debates whose outcome could determine the fate of abortion rights if the Supreme Court moves to undercut Roe v. Wade, the future of Medicaid expansion, and innumerable other issues like environment protections, education, taxes, and labor rights.

Currently, Democrats control the NM House by a 38-32 margin –  we need more. We must regain “trifecta” status (control of both legislative chambers and the governor’s mansion), because a strong majority in Santa Fe will be essential to define, prioritize and pass legislation that has been stalled and victimized by 8-years of Martinez vetoes.  That strong majority begins with electing these house district candidates:

Dayan Hochman – Vigil, HD 15. Abbas Akhil, HD 20. Jessica Velasquez, HD 22.

Melanie Stansbury, HD 28. Joy Garrett, HD 29. Natalie Figueroa, HD30.

Karen Bash, HD 68

Door knock. Phone bank. Enter data. Host a fundraiser. Spread the word via social media posts. Talk with your neighbors. And DONATE (a $5 or $10 contribution can make a huge difference in these “down ballot races”).

To learn more about these outstanding candidates, visit Build Our House.

Don’t wait. It’s time to rollup your sleeves and pitch in: