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“What if ABQ could take our elections out of the hands of big special interests and put them in the hands of the people?”


OUTCOME: Unfortunately this initiative was narrowly defeated by voters – 51.25% to 48.75% – in the November 2019 Municipal election.

See the DAILY LOBO article here

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The ABQ Democracy Dollars initiative is a cutting-edge endeavor to achieve more equitable participation in Albuquerque’s municipal elections (turnout typically lower than 30%) and improve the competitiveness of grassroots-oriented candidates.

The system would sit on top of the city’s existing “block grant” public financing of city candidates and would send $25.00 coupons to every eligible city resident, so that they could donate to city candidates. The proposed system (aka “Burque Bucks”) strives to return agency to under-represented voices, raise the floor of political speech in the city, and literally put democracy back in the hands of everyday people. (In the 2017 mayoral election, an estimated 350 donors accounted for 75% of total private campaign contributions in Albuquerque.)


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  • We thank all of our supporters who’ve helped get this transformational democratic initiative this far and we vow to not give up against the entrenched high dollar interests behind its obstruction.
  • A fantastic article on the proposal was published on The Atlantic Weekly’s Next City section on Friday, Sept. 7th, 2018: CLICK HERE to read.
  • The endeavor is being watched by a good number of democracy reform advocates across the country and once successful, we look forward to Albuquerque serving as a national model for a Democracy Dollars program that significantly impacts voter participation and helps confront the over-influence of big money in local politics.
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ABQ Democracy Dollars is the brainchild of a coalition of community groups that includes Common Cause, OLE, NM WFP, Equality New Mexico, and the Center for Civic Policy.







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