“LET THE LITTLE LADIES DO IT” The You Betcha Initiative



(Please note: this is an ongoing initiative to support Democratic nominees in key races through the November election. Ask how you can get involved.)



FINAL WEEK! Get off the porch and  let’s get this done! That means EVERYONE.

These Little Ladies’ place is in the NM Senate

Nasty Women New Mexico has turned its attention to a number of key New Mexico Senate races outside of Bernalillo County. In each of these races, there is a dynamic, progressive woman who is challenging the conservative incumbent (Democrat In Name Only) in the Democratic primary election. These women are the fresh faces, and the fresh ideas, important not only to their own districts, but to the state as a whole.

There are already many of our members helping out with this effort, which is primarily phone banking, but more help is needed in the closing weeks before June 2.

Listed below are the candidates and the campaigns we are helping, the web site for the campaign, and the NWNM member who is coordinating the effort for that campaign. If you can help out, contact the campaign directly, or contact the NWNM coordinator, and let’s get these future leaders elected!

Noreen Kelly, Senate Dist. 8 (challenging George Munoz) people4noreen.com , NWNM coordinator: Felice Garcia

Siah Correa Hemphill, Senate Dist. 28 (challenging Gabe Ramos) https://www.siahforsenate.com/, NWNM coordinator: Terry Storch

Pam Cordova, Senate Dist. 30 (challenging Clemente Sanchez) https://www.pamcordovaforsenate.com/NWNM coordinator: Paula Jackson

Neomi Martinez-Parra, Senate Dist. 35 (challenging John Arthur Smith) https://neomi4nmsenate.com/  NWNM coordinator: Meta Hirschl

Carrie Hamblen, Senate Dist. 38 (challenging Mary Kay Papen) https://hamblennmsenate38.com/ NWNM coordinator: Terry Storch

To members already volunteering for these specific campaigns: 

Please notify the appropriate NWNM coordinator