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Want our vote? #PledgeIt

The #MeToo movement has laid bare a long-concealed truth:  women have been and continue to be marginalized, sexually harassed, and worse, in the workplace. Women of color experience higher rates of harassment and discrimination.

Gender equality is the key solution to pervasive gender based discrimination, intimidation and violencein employment. Sexual assault is gender inequality.

We challenge every candidate who wants our vote to #PledgeIt:

“Pledge that if elected, you will aim to hire a gender balanced staff, both in numbers and positions of power, and inclusive of people of color; a staff as diverse as New Mexico. Pledge to create a workplace that promotes and implements anti-harassment policies, and that broadens the representation of marginalized groups on your staff.”

Candidates can make this pledge on a supporting document and send it to us at . This pledge is not a guarantee of our support, but it is a necessary ingredient for any candidate seeking office. We provide supporting documentation with resources, including help identifying candidates to create a diverse staff.

Change isn’t easy, but begin it must. When workplaces are gender and race balanced, many good things happen for organizations, businesses, the country and society: better decisions, better outcomes and greater success. Gender equality is fundamental to whether and how societies thrive.

Women want what we’ve always wanted:  We want to be respected as equals and our voices to be included when policy decisions are being made that impact our communities and our lives. We want to work and live without the threat of gender, class or race based discrimination, and without the threat of sexual harassment or assault.

#PledgeIt Now.

Please contact Meta Hirschl, Committee Chair, if you are interested in working on this NWNM initiative. We want all of our elected officials onboard and we need assistance in tracking their compliance.




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