The Home Stretch – The Road to November

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Election Recap – NWNM November Monthly Meeting

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Our Candidates

Please review  and contact either the NWNM Team Leader or, if none is listed, the campaign directly to pitch in a few hours a week.

Thank you.

For BIDEN/HARRIS 2020Pls. see Black Women for Biden below


Xochitl Torres Small, U.S. House, District 2 (Lost) 
Watch Xoch in action: YouTube
Gen.Vol. SCOOP  or  ">Email Arash Abbas, No. Dist. F.O.

NWNM TEAM Leader: Wendy Parker-Wood 

10/29 ACTION UPDATE: NWNM Volunteers for  XTS CAMPAIGN  – Pls Read

NEW!!  A Phone Banker’s Companion to XTS: Click here


Claudia M Risner , State Senate, District 19 (Lost)
The SKINNY      

NWNM Team Leader: Wendy Parker-Wood  

10/27ACTION UPDATE: NWNM Vols CR CAMPAIGN w Talking Points- Pls READ

We have LIT Drops for this side of the Sandias – get out into the fresh air and leave literature at the doors of Claudia’s constituents – no face to fac

Pam Cordova, State Senate District 30 (Lost)  
Volunteer SCOOP   or Email Abel:

We need a Team Leader: ( Wendy Parker-Wood, temp. contact)

Pam Cordova Postcard Followup – Please see Update below and consider helping out with Pam’s campaign

CORDOVA VOLS – Click here for 10/19 Update & Impt Election Dates!


Katy M Duhigg, State Senate, District 10 (Won)
THE SKINNY     Click here to Volunteer  
Vol. Coordinator: Toni Martorelli (505) 250-2238

NWNM TEAM Leader:    Erika Harding

10/12: ABQ Journal endorses Gould – let’s get out there and help Katy!!
Literature Drops ea. weekend from now until the Election – pls help!

Neomi Martinez-Parra, State House, District 35 (Lost)
Volunteer SCOOP   The current SKINNY

NWNM TEAM Leaders: Meta Hirschl/ Diane Gutterud

You can connect with volunteers on Slack: Join  # i-support-neomi-m-p

Congratulations on a successful phone bank day and fundraiser!


Jessica P Velasquez, State House, District 22 (Lost)

The SKINNY   To Volunteer:  SIGN UP

We need a NWNM TEAM Leader:

Field Director: Mario Schmiglia        Campaign Events: Amanda Nezzie

ATTN NWNM: Jessica needs us to make phone calls – pls volunteer!

Harold James Pope, Jr, State Senate, District 23 (Won)
The SKINNY    To Volunteer : SIGN UP
NWNM TEAM Leader: Gerri Warner


Marian Matthews, State Rep., District 27 (Won)

The SKINNY        Volunteer – Click here
We need a NWNM TEAM Leader:

Attn NWNM: Marian needs us to help with Lit Drops – pls Volunteer


Melanie Ann StansburyState Rep., District 28 (Won)

The SKINNY     Volunteer SCOOP


10/29: Contribute to Melanie’s campaign now if you can.

Melanie ALSO needs some help with phone banking

Please contact Donna Lockner if you can pitch in for a few hours:



Dayan ‘Day’ Hochman-Vigil, State Representative, Dist. 15 (Won)
NWNM TEAM Leader: Barbara Baca

To Volunteer: Fifty Calls for Day – It’s fun & easy!  Pls Click


Wende Schwingendorf, Bernalillo Co Commissioner, Dist. 4   (Lost)   
The SKINNY      To Volunteer: CLICK

NWNM TEAM Leader: Terry Storch  

10/4 ACTION UPDATE/Fundraiser today: Click here
Volunteer Field Coordinator: Charlotte Madueño (505) 927-5249


Contact Info – Team Leaders:

Barbara Baca:  (505) 269-6855  /

Erika Harding:  (505) 804-3726   /  

Meta Hirschl:   (505) 717-5052   /   ,
Diane Gutterud: (818) 575-0369   /  

Terry Storch: (505) 359-8883  / <>

Gerri Warner: (505) 235-2276  /  

Wendy Parker-Wood: (505) 980-8283 /


If there is a candidate you’re interested in who doesn’t appear above, please take advantage of the GREAT Candidate info on the DPBC website – they have done an extraordinary job:  See for yourself, Click here