The Sarah Moody Voter Registration Project

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16 NOV 1942  –  14 NOV 2019


NastyWomenNewMexico honours an adored member and beloved precinct chair with the launch of our inaugural 2020 NWNM Initiative:

The Sarah Moody Voter Registration Project

Sarah was passionate about exercising our right to vote (and unsurprisingly outspoken about it).  It went far beyond being a privilege to Sarah – it was your responsibility and you damn well better have exercised it. Every-chance-you-had.

We couldn’t agree more. We also think a fitting way to memorialize Sarah’s legacy as a fierce advocate for voter registration and devoted precinct chair dedicated to GOTV is to make sure every eligible high school student in Bernalillo County is registered to vote AND votes in the November election.

Please join us.  Become a Voter Registration Agent (VRA), volunteer for this 2020 NWNM initiative, there are countless ways you can help, so let’s get to work.

But don’t stop there… Sarah wouldn’t have… She’d have wanted you registering everybody.

“If y’all want to hunt with the big dogs, ya gotta get off that dang porch.”

The stakes in 2020 couldn’t be  higher – find yourself a Registration Buddy and get trained.  Let’s get out there and do the work Sarah can’t.


Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.


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This is what we do. This is what being a NastyWoman is. We fix problems and Lord, we do have a problem!


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2020 is the 100th Anniversary of the ratification of  the 19th Amendment – with your help, we’ll party on November 4th. 



Please be advised, current group registration efforts are temporarily suspended.

We are currently engaged in postcard writing options for the GA Senate races while we 

are “socially distanced.”

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2020-04-29 UPDATE 

2020-03-08 SMVRP Update

2020-03-05 VOL ALERT – re Application

SMVRP 2-18 Update

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VRA Training Classes   (Click on link at left and schedule your class now)

NM SOS Voter Registration Information  (Click on link at left and explore this site)


IMPORTANT dates to remember:

Primary Election Deadline: May 5, 2020

General Election Deadline: October 6, 2020

This webpage will be updated as we have more information.