JUNE 2020


We did it.

New Mexico’s growing body of progressive Democrats enjoyed some phenomenal wins in the June 2 primary, and the entire state benefits as a result.

Nasty Women New Mexico contributed meaningfully to that victory. Easily three dozen members, if not more, phone banked, texted and sent letters for candidates (see Initiative). As an organization, we coordinated with other community groups in the effort to get exceptional candidates elected statewide. We also hosted three candidate forums in races where there were no incumbent Democrats, in districts within or close to Albuquerque. These forums allowed oftentimes the only opportunity for candidates to meet with their constituents via the forum itself, or the taped and publicly available YouTube recordings of the forums on the Nasty Women New Mexico website (click here). We also came together in large numbers to take a stance condemning the exceptionally unfair and negative campaigning in one of the Bernalillo County Commission races. All of this was accomplished during a period of self-isolation during the Covid-19 health emergency.

As a group, we stepped up to meet our mission, and did so in trying times. We need to recognize our accomplishment, we need to recognize that yes, we can do it and have a positive impact, and we need to recognize that we have a continuing part to play in our community. That is true especially as we prepare for one of the most important elections in our lifetimes, and one of the most important state-wide elections for decades. 

We are powerful together, and we amplify that as we coordinate with the other activists for change within the community. Let us commit ourselves to doing what we can, what we are capable of, in the coming months. NWNM will work to provide members with ideas and approaches for how to engage meaningfully and asks our members to bring their ideas to the table so we can actively organize in the months ahead.

Be well, be strong and committed, and bring hope and heart to the work ahead.

– A Grateful Steering Committee