THE BIG SEND Letter Campaign

Terrific article in 10/28 New York Times:

The Big Send

Congratulations! On 10/17 We Mailed 7500 Letters written by 45 terrific volunteers.

Thanks for a great effort, Kay & Wendy

Nationally, VoteForward’s BIG SEND Project mailed over 17,000,000 to unlikely Voters in Swing States – for live links to the message below CLICK HERE


Read The Atlantic’s article: Click here

Watch the YouTube: Click here


  1. Sign Up at       By following these Guide 1 Instructions: Click here
  2. Download your letters once you’ve been notified by email, following these Guide 2 Instructions: Click here
  3. Here’s the Almost Perfect part:   Go at your own pace, on your schedule (24/7), on your own or in a group (see 4 below) – it’s up to you: total flexibility.
  4. We host a weekly Letter writing party – every Thursday from 2:00-3:30. Send us an email and we’ll send you our Zoom link.

Kay Monaco: (505) 350-2765      Wendy Parker-Wood: (505) 980-8283

Q: What’s “almost perfect” mean?     A: …You are picking up the postage

(Think of it as your contribution to Dump Trump)

A Note About Mail Dates

The effects of “please vote” messages fade quickly, so the best strategy — and the one we have proven to be effective in the past — is to put letters in mailboxes as close as possible to the election without missing it. That said, we recognize adjustments may be needed this year.

To help fine-tune our approach, we’re tracking federal and state lawsuits that may affect absentee deadlines and policies, USPS performance, the availability of Election Day ballot drop boxes, expected turnout by voting method, early voting availability, voter preferences and lessons learned during the primaries, evolving electoral processes, and more for all of our target states. We’re also running an experiment to assess mail times and how they affect GOTV messaging.

Based on the data we’ve gathered so far, there is a good chance we will mail earlier than originally planned. We are collecting more information before deciding by how many days and in which states. We understand and share your concern about this question and will email all of our volunteers once we make an informed decision.

For more on mail dates and the USPS, please see our top 2020 GOTV FAQs.